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What Is Electricity?

Electricity Surrounds Us: we are accustomed to coexisting with both natural phenomena (lightning, static electricity …) and artificial phenomena (the lighting of our homes, the operation of electrical appliances and machines …).

In today’s society, it is an integral part of every aspect of life. When we are missing, we realize how our life revolves around it. Based on a good blog in electrical industry, without electricity, most of the technical advances that we enjoyed could not have been developed, and the kind of life we would lead would be completely different.

Electric power both domestically and in industry, electric light, and a large number of objects that work thanks to electricity and have caused that today, heat is essential.

So important is that a challenge that all societies have today is to produce electricity sustainably, since the energy consumption, specifically electrical energy, maintained by the most developed countries is impossible to continue much longer.